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Baby Exo Formula Maker Save your feeding time, nurture your baby easier and happier.

Before a child coming, we don’t have the chance to practice being a father or mother. When our first baby was born brings more than just joy, but also all kinds of confusion. Taking care of a newborn baby is not only physically exhausting but mentally exhausting as well. The cries of the baby in the middle of the night make you have to get up from dreams to powder milk. It is not a simple job to help your baby flushing milk powder, you must use the right temperature, the right concentration, and the right measure. So the milk powder that will not be too much for the baby to drink or not enough. Every newbie parent knows the anxiety of getting up in the middle of the night to take care of a baby. 

In order to help the baby reduce the number of crying and help me to reduce anxiety, I thought a lot, and finally thought about whether we can invent the milk powder thermostatic kettle. Its application method is very simple. After boiling water, it will automatically maintain the temperature suitable for flushing milk powder, thus solving the problem of water temperature adjustment, which greatly reduces the time of brewing milk powder. 

And then we found out that the thermostat didn't solve all the problems at once, so we thought about whether we can make a machine so that the baby can drink the milk directly from the machine. At present, there is no such machine in the market to meet our requirements. After a long period of hard work, we have made a machine that can directly produce milk powder -- Baby Exo formula maker. 

The Baby Exo formula maker is smart enough to save us a lot of time. Simply press a button to accurately dispense the milk powder within the right concentration and right capacity for your baby. The whole process takes only three seconds to wait and the baby can drink milk. This allows novice dad and novice mom to have more time to sleep. 

Babies born within God's blessing and we should give him or her more love, that is the Baby Exo named from. We should spend more time accompanying the baby's growth, rather than spending so much time on flushing milk powder. We hope that more and more products will be invented by us to bring more convenience for the family has a baby and they can have more time to accompany the baby. Let your baby immerse in love. ...

Baby Exo-Extend your love.