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Baby EXO Formula Dispenser_babyexo
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
Baby EXO Formula Dispenser_babyexo
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
Baby EXO Formula Dispenser_babyexo
BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine
Baby EXO Formula Dispenser_babyexo

BabyExo Formula Dispenser Machine

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Baby EXO Formula Maker

BABY EXO formula dispenser makes more than just a perfect bottle of baby formula. It also saves you a massive amount of time on a daily basis. Making a 4 oz bottle in just 10 seconds, can you imagine that?

Simple, Safe and Convenient

Making a fresh baby formula bottle with the BABY EXO is simple— choose the water temperature and volume you want, press "start", and your bottle will be ready-to-serve in the blink of an eye. Feeding your baby has never such an easy-peasy task.

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Time-Saver and Life-Changer!

Most of us are spending enormous time working, cleaning, doing some chores so that we got so little time taking care of our babies. That's when this dispenser helps, it dispenses the formula accurately. Perfect formula and water ratio, and you don't ever have to wait for the water to cool down while your baby is crying and suffering from the hunger. 

Customize your needs

High Temperature Cleaning

The high-temperature cleaning technology can effectively remove the residue in the funnel. 

Moisture Proof Design

The sealed powder box isolates the contact with the air to prevent the milk powder from agglomerating and getting wet.

Adjustable Bottle Tray

Flexible adjustment. Compatible with all kinds of  baby bottles.

Large Water Capacity

1800ml large capacity water tank can meet the baby's daily-use needs very easily.

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How can your other half help?

Yes we get it, raising a baby or even more than one at the same time could really be annoying and problematic. So we got your back! With our baby EXO formula maker, dads can help take good care of both their kids and wives. Just press a few buttons, then you are ready to go!

Why BABY EXO Was Created?

The founder of BABY EXO created the formula maker after the birth of his son. Although his wife breastfed in the early months. But when she returned to work, she was often too exhausted to breastfeed at 3 a.m. The task of making that middle-of-the-night bottle fell on him so his wife could sleep. It was one of those cold, exhausting nights when he had an "Aha!" moment to make the process easier. That is how BABY EXO was born.

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Look what cool moms say!

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Emilie Frank

Store Manager

My third machine in less than 5 months. The first two other brands were terrible. This one is terrific. Makes a bottle in 10 seconds. I have 5 month old twins who can’t wait one minute so this is a life saver. Holds more water than most and super easy to clean. The gears are solid and not flimsy. I love it. Plus no mold. I’m a RN and I’m picky. The other two machines just couldn’t handle the high demands of twin use. This is great for twins and multiples!!!

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Maria Holmes


I love this! Seriously life changing! It’s easy to use and clean. It literally makes a bottle in seconds. If I had to say anything negative about it, it would be that it doesn’t always make the bottle to the exact amount that you program it for. It can be off by 1/2-1oz. It really changes the way of parenting... I don't need to get up in the middle of the night to flush the formula anymore, this is absolutely worth the price. Highly recommended!


Water output setting: 1-10 oz     Temperature setting: 104℉-158℉
Tank capacity: 1800ML                 Voltage: 110V/60HZ 
Water output setting: 1-10 oz      Weight: 2.9kg
Formula box capacity: 300g      Size: 300*150*365mm
Standby power: around 5W

Package includes:

1 x Machine 
1 x Mains lead(input 110V/60Hz)
1 x Operating manual(download)


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